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Tony Abi Saab is playing a cat and mouse game with law authorities

He has defrauded the US Army of USD 5 million.

Why is Tony Abi Saab a free man today

Tony Abi Saab was caught for embezzling USD 5 million, but then allowed to walk away free.

Criminals convicted or accused shouldn t get a business visa

Illegal arms dealers are bidding and winning foreign contracts falsely through shell companies

Tony s illegal business is not limited to just Lebanon rather spread in Europe and the Middle East

List of the network of Tony's illegal businesses around the world.

Illegal Arms dealer of Lebanon exposed before the federal government

The illegal arms dealer of Lebanon, Tony Abi Saab is expanding his business to Europe and countries in the Middle East. This is a threat to world’s peace as Tony has been arming terrorists for his profit. He continues to make business deals with the deadly terror organisations and uprising rebel groups in Syria, Afghanistan, and Iran.

Why illegal local contractors of the Middle East arent punished in the US court

It's high time that the United States upgrade its justice system so that fraudsters like Tony Abi Saab couldn't get easy bail and walk away from the court without getting deserved punishments for their heinous crimes. Terrorism is spreading in the world like an epidemic, if international governments don't chalk out essential and indispensable plans to abolish terrorism from its root, then that day is not far when avarice men like Tony will lit the world on fire.

More criminal records to be discovered of Sima Salazar Group, doubts FBI

Till now, the Sima Salazar international, a military construction firm with headquarter in Afghanistan, is indicted for conspiracy, bribing the US officials, inflated invoices, and pocketing profits without completing a single project, but the US investigation team doubt its presence in smuggling contraband weapons.

The Lebanese man Tony is destroying global peace

The US Army’s Contract award system in Afghanistan is plagued with corruption, all thanks to Tony Abi Saab and his companies such as BME, Tactica Ltd, and Brixia. Over the last five years, about USD 150 Million has been marked as non-functioning contracts.

Brescia Middle East, one of the reputed Lebanon arms dealing companies involved in million dollar fraud

The illegal arms dealers like Tony Abi Saab are earning in millions through the smuggling of contraband weapons, fraud, and money laundering. His company, Brescia Middle East has become one of the leading arms dealing companies globally by taking military contracts legally and supplying weapons to the rebel groups illegally.

Illegal arms business is preparing terrorists to fight against the military

According to the Small Arms Survey in 2013, Lebanese arms dealing companies are one of the leading gunrunners in the world. The report shows the data of the first year of the Syrian conflict, where the arms smugglers like Tony Abi Saab were having their prime time.