April, 10 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Arms trader Tony Abi Saab is expanding his gun running business in the Middle East

Smuggling of small arms and light weapons is highest in areas afflicted by violence and conflict

The illegal arms trade is a global issue but the trafficking of small and light weapons are mainly concentrated in areas afflicted by armed conflict, violence, and organized crime. Wars in the Middle East and Afghanistan have intensified in the past few years because of the interference of powerful businessmen who don’t want violence to end for their own benefits.

Business tycoon, Tony Abi Saab of Lebanon is a wanted fraudster and a war criminal. His main company Brescia Middle East supplied weapons and guns to the terrorist organization and defrauded the United States in contacts of 5 million dollars. BME is an international firm that imports weapons mainly from Europe (Italian companies—Tanfoglio and Beretta) to later reroute guns and deadly weapons to the regions of terrorists in Syria, Iran, and Afghanistan.

Tony operates a number of ghost companies such as Tactica Ltd, K5 Global, and Bennet-Fouch, G2Armory, and SIMAINT to fraud with the defense by obtaining their valuable contracts. Tony and his fraud companies embezzled multi-million dollars in the US Army. His companies strongly favour rebel groups and terrorists because they earn easy money from them.

Even though Tony was arrested by the FBI and the CIA after a sting operation, he got away citing human rights violations and allegations of evidence tampering against them. Since then, US Agencies are collecting fresh evidence against him so that they can give him the punishment which is long due.

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