April, 19 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Lebanese businessmen Tony and Raymond sold weapons to Syrian rebels

Private arms dealers and contractors have a role in destroying Syria

The Syrian war was elongated by corrupt and greedy arms dealers and private contractors who never stopped helping terrorists with weapons and war related amenities. Even today, terrorism is not completely eradicated from the regions of Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, and Yemen and as a result people are facing torture and mass killing in the hands of rebel groups. The government tried its best to stop the menace of terrorism but due to the interference of private contractors and gunrunners, this never happened.

Lebanon-natives, Tony Abi Saab and Raymond Azar together plotted a multi-million contract fraud against the US Army in Afghanistan, and also supplied essential information and weapons to the ISIS in Syria. They tricked and clogged their relationship in front of the US military and contractors of other countries--simply to execute their fraud businesses successfully in countries at wars.

Raymond Azar’s wife is a real sister of the wife of Joseph (Tony’s father). So, there is no doubt that Raymond Azar and Tony Abi Saab are more than business partners. Most of the illegal companies of Tony in Afghanistan like Tactica Ltd Afghanistan, K5 Global and Bennet-Fouch, were handled by Raymond, along with his own company, Sima Salazar International, before he was convicted and sent to prison.

Tony has a quirky business mind, he established several shell companies in countries where tension was either rising or already existed, for the sole purpose of duping military money. So, in 2014 when ISIS first swept through Iran and destroyed Syria by performing mass slaughter of innocent civilians, Tony right away knew that militant groups are his ideal clients; he supplied arms and ammunition to them through his shady companies to earn a profit.

After an investigation by the CIA, FBI and the US Army, the two were finally caught and stood for trial in the US court in 2009. Raymond was sentenced to 10 years of jail, but Tony, the abettor, dragged his case in the civil court and escaped punishment by pleading human rights violation against CIA.

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