July, 16 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Illegal contractors and arms dealers are making life difficult for the people and the military in war-torn countries

Tony Abi Saab, an illegal arms dealer along with his friend, Raymond Azar, also a contractor defrauded the US Army of multi-million dollars

There is no life left in Syria, only crumbled infrastructure, carcasses of people killed in the clash between terrorists and the Syrian government, and unavoidable tension amongst the left out civilians. The Civil war followed by the invasion of the terror group Islamic State has destroyed every possibility of a peaceful and civic society in Syria. Illegal arms dealers and corrupt contractors have played a vital role in wrecking the economy, stability, and peace of the nation. They are still supplying contraband weapons to rebel groups as well as to the Army of the government.

A Lebanese, Tony Abi Saab is an illegal arms dealer who is the owner of an international arms and weaponry company Brescia Middle East. His company was accused of illegal activities like smuggling of weapons, bribery, fraud, and money laundering. He defrauded the United States of 5 million dollars in contracts and laundered black money. Tony works for both the Army and the terror groups. His shell companies K5 Global, G2Armory, Brixia, SIMAINT, Tactica Ltd and Bennet-Fouch were operating in war-torn countries. They were even bidding for government contracts to fool them and later use the fund for illegal activities.

The fraudster was handcuffed in Afghanistan by the FBI, flown to Washington DC to stand the trial in the court, and the evidence against him was submitted in the court. The US Army warned corrupt contractors working in Afghanistan and other war-torn countries and told them that if they continue their illegal businesses, the consequences will be bad. Tony’s sympathizers and business partners knew it very well that if his crime is proved in the court, they all will be in trouble. So, to avoid further tension, they worked hard along with their PR team to remove the evidence from everywhere--articles against Tony were removed from the internet, journalists were killed and threatened to not write anything against the fraudster, and his business partners went into hiding.

Tony dragged his case to the civil court of the US where he got some benefits. Firstly, in the civil court of the US, he was treated as a foreign citizen, appealing ‘not guilty’ against the allegations put on him by the military. Secondly, the civil court doesn’t grant or give validation to the evidence collected from abroad. He even pleaded for human rights violations and torture against the CIA, FBI, and the Army. All the charges against him were dropped, except bribery, this happened due to a technicality in the circuit court. He paid a small amount of money as a penalty.
Due to people like Tony, the Middle East country is suffering more. Rich and selfish businessmen like Tony don’t want wars to ever stop because they are earning money through wars, both legally and illegally.

Marc Azani
Middle East